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Our support services can easily be turned into a model that suits an organisation’s circumstances and requirements: our services’ applications are flexible, stretching from basic office tools to full responsibility for information management. Customers can select the most suitable applications for their organisations from our multichannel service model. Our experts are available to work at our customers’ premises, as remote support and at the Help Desk. We monitor our customers’ IT environments and take care of information security. If necessary, we serve around the clock, every day of the week. We also organise user training for new tools.

We maintain documentation for our customers’ IT environments, continuously monitor user satisfaction, and produce reports for our customers. We carry out quality assessments and plan development activities in joint ICT team meetings.

Our mapping services provide a comprehensive overview of an organisation’s current ICT environment and the areas for development in the organisation’s IT structures and business operations. The mapping of the technical environment accurately records the IT equipment, network connections and programmes used by the organisation, and flags up any issues and risks. The business environment mapping evaluates the functionality of the ICT environment from the perspective of business processes and business development. The mapping can also be done at the user level to identify the factors influencing user satisfaction and usability. All information security-related factors are assessed in the computer security mapping.

We acquire and maintain basic office tools such as workstations, mobile devices, servers, network devices, printers, and devices outside the network, such as video projectors and UPS devices. For workstations, the service also includes O365 applications, workstation security and security threat detection, as well as workstation back-ups and monitoring. The basic tool service makes it easy to acquire and maintain the equipment needed for the day-to-day running of our customers’ organisations. The IT environment can also be streamlined and optimised to meet business requirements at the same time.

Our multichannel service makes it possible to offer support services to customer organisations any time, any day. Service level agreements (SLA) are approved by customer organisations. The multichannel service primarily covers remote support services managed through a service point and an on-site support service agreed separately with the customer.

Prog-It offers on-call services outside normal working hours (Mon-Fri, 8:30-16:30) and during holidays. The on-call service may include separate inspection tasks to be agreed with the customer as well as the receipt of alarm messages sent by various technical devices. The back-up service, in turn, ensures 24/7 operations in critical operating environments.

Prog-It offers a SOC (Security Operations Centre) service, which provides comprehensive information security for the customer’s IT environment. The SOC service is produced by a Prog-It team of experts trained in information security. The service assesses IT security in the IT environment, identifies and fixes vulnerabilities, monitors the security status and responds to deviations, and proactively plans the development of information security in the IT environment.


Establishment of a web shop is effortless and agile with Prog-It. Our extensive basic package includes all the essential features, plus there is a lot of additional features available for special needs. The best possible page model can be chosen from the wide variety of page layouts. Visual identity of the organisation will be considered in the design.

Payment features and connections are ready-made. Pages are responsive and therefore functional in all kind of devices.

The platform enables easy content management. Prog-It takes care of the continuous technical administration and support in order to ensure the continuity.

The website platform maintenance service is provided to websites built on the WordPress platform. The platform is produced from Prog-It’s own data centre capacity.

The device deployment service includes installation and deployment for a particular user. The user is instructed as necessary when a device is commissioned. When decommissioned, the device is removed from the site, emptied of data, and disposed of appropriately.

We serve as specialists in projects or larger operations. Typical projects include different deployment and upgrade projects. In the project service, Prog-It takes care of every aspect of a customer’s project: its start-up, planning, implementation, monitoring and project completion.

Many organisations do not have a designated IT manager. The designated person in Prog-It’s IT Manager service is responsible for the overall development of the customer’s IT environment. The IT Manager prepares customer-specific development plans and budgets, and acts as the senior specialist and consultant in the customer environment. The IT Manager assesses various solutions, makes comparisons, and shops around for suppliers as required.

Prog-It offers user training for situations such as the deployment of new software and services. Training related to information management practices (e.g. information security) can also be arranged for the customer organisations. Specific training material is drawn up for the training, which the customer can use in instructions for the organisation and in the induction of new employees, for example.